Saturday, February 4, 2012

tags of wisdom

I decided to make an album, but it doesn't contain photos.. and it doesnt need bindings.. hmmm, getting peculiar isn't it?.. and the pages are made of tags.. ( i see.. LOL)

yes, so i decided to make a tags album.. and inside, i will put some of my favorite wisdom (or quotes?), that i will pass it to my daughter when she grow up..

at first, i wanted to make 12 of them.. as in for 12 months in a year.. but then, i just got so impatient.. (LOL, always.. LOL) i finally decided just to make it 7 of them.. as in for 7 days in a week.. (^_^)

in page three.. you can see a lot of gel medium "work" here.. i adhered some patterned tissue paper with gel medium and re-coated with another coat of gel medium, and it created an amazing texture.. love it!! ^_^

the wonder of gel medium ..LOL..

and more gel medium..LOL

I hope you like it, Kyla.. *hugssssss*

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