Saturday, February 4, 2012

clay of happiness

i found this black colored soft clay, and i just simply curious.. "black?".. thats unusual, i thaught.. so i just bought a small pack of it and the time i arrived home, i just got an idea to do some stamping on the clay.. LOL..

at first i used some ink (i used brilliance for the pearly effect) but the result was not pretty good..looked kindda messy instead.. LOL
and then, i tried stampin without ink.. but afterward, i just dabbed the ink on the surface of the debossed area.. and here it is..

still looked messy.. but much much better and more artsy than before.. dont you think ? #grin#

and for the inside mini book (yes, its THAT minibook made from one single 12by12 paper).. ^_^ ..for the base, i used once upon a springtime paper from graphic 45..

so far, i just simply lovin the clay .. and so i called it "the clay of happiness"".. LOL ^_^

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