Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life Less Ordinary (my life project-an album)

i actually have made an album.. this supposed to be a life-long endless album.. but here , i just wanted to share the first 20 pages of my life after marriage (in summary, offcourse.. LOL) .. and i named this album.. "life less ordinary" .. *smile*

helloooo... yes, that's us.. in a complete form.. me , my hubby and our 2 amazing kiddos.. they are just a treasure in my life..

those are just some pictures from our pre-wedding shoot, and the wedding ceremony.. what a big day it was for a girl..

and here is a new chapter.. we are no longer only two.. but there are 3 of us..

gave birth to my first son, out of my home town, without my parents beside me at the time, was an unexplainable the most amazing experience in my life ever.. but thank God, it ran so well, and my baby was born safely and warm in my arm..

and still many more pages to come...

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